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Welcome to the site of Chris Jordan

This is a site of Grip….Chris Jordan

I offer extensive experience working with a vast array of dollies, cranes, jibs arms, car mounts and camera DSC03870rigging equipment.

Having previous experience as a camera assistant I am able to show extensive understanding of the camera and its operations.  Specialising in free wheel dolly work enables me to operate the dolly with full consideration of speed and accuracy, along with full safety of crew.

Communication skills are of a strong nature due to the high demand of man management within any Grip department, which brinSAMSUNG DIGIMAX 420g high benefits for a good working relationship with
the cameraman and crew.  I also offer an excellent service within the running of equipment, in an accurate, safe and cost effectively method.




– Practiced in Using – 
Chapman Super Peewee Mk II, III, IV     –      Chapman
Hustler IV     –     Chapman Hybrid     –     Fisher 10 & 11  –
Panther Evolution     –     Husky Dolly

 Jib Arms
Panther Jib     –     Fisher Arms     –     GF/Panavision Multi Jib     –     GF Jib     –     Jimmy Jib     –     Straight Shooter

GF Cranes (GF8, GF16)     –     Technocrane 30 & 50     –     Scorpio Telescopic Crane     –     Movie Bird 30     –     Giraffe

 Remote Heads
Scorpio Mini (2 & 3 Axis)     –     Scorpio Stabilised (2 & 3 Axis)     –     Key Head     –     The Aurora     –     Mega Head

Car Rigs (inc Universal Car Mount, Suction Kits)
Scaff Rigs – A wide range of rigs built from Scaffold
Bazooka Kits (Ronford, GF Gas Bazookas)
Tracking Vehicle & Low Loader Rigs (inc Quads)
3-D Rigs