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All About Me


DSC05952I am a freelance Grip in The Television Industry

The Grips takes responsibility of building camera supports and moving the camera when a travelling shot is required.

To achieve this, the Grip must be prepared for any situation put upon them, whether its on a tripod or a 50ft crane. We need to carry the knowledge and use our experience to succeed with the task. If were going to make the shot happen, we need to work as a team and adapt to the situation because we need to do this quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Having worked as a Grip for over ten years and having done so in a wide range of productions the ability to achieve this becomes a continuing learning curve in a forever changing technical industry.

With previous experience as a camera assistant I am able to show extensive understanding of the camera and its operations making a dedicated member of the camera team.


Problem Solving
Good Leadership
Artistic Skills
Free Wheel Dollying
Fast thinking and decision making
Team work
High standards of Health and Safety


NVQ Level 2 Qualified

Skillset Card

imageimageBBC Health and Saftey Passport